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Friday, July 25, 2008

Real Vampires Get Lucky by Gerry Bartlett

Glory St. Claire is a full-figured vampire with flair. And yet she is slow to embrace certain aspects of her… condition. When she happens upon loan shark Lucky Carver whose throat is messily torn out, Glory knows she has to turn her first human in order to save her. Lucky isn’t one to lay low though, and vampires like to keep their existence a secret. An ex-rock star boyfriend and new paranormal friends can lead only to trouble. While Lucky lives large, she attracts more than just vampire hunters, but the one who wanted her dead to begin with!

In this third installment in the Glory St. Claire series, we’re taken on a real page turning thrill ride.

It’s advisable to read this series in order and get a full grasp of the characters as sub-plots keep building. New readers would be especially lost if they hadn’t read the previous novel, REAL VAMPIRES LIVE LARGE.

As usual, Glory and Jerry are steaming hot! Although Glory requires her independence there’s no denying their inevitable draw. They are a couple it’s impossible not to cheer for.

The characters in this series are unique and hilarious! The shape-shifting body guards, newly turned rock star vamp and community of vampire friends make for seriously fun reading. Instead of depressed pale and sulky vampires, we’re treated to lively and sassy bloodsuckers.

The humor is clever, yet not heavy handed. There are two mysteries taking place simultaneously. Who’s blackmailing Glory and who tried to kill Lucky? While it isn’t the most tightly woven shocking surprise, it was certainly entertaining!

This is a series that has quickly become a favorite! I’ll have my eye out for REAL VAMPIRES MAKE WAVES, next in the Glory St. Claire adventure! I hope you will too.

Courtesy of C2Ks Kwips and Kritiques


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