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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just a Taste by Deirdre Martin

Food has always been an important part of Anthony Dante’s life, and after his wife’s untimely death, the family restaurant is what keeps him going. Now the restaurant is a regular neighborhood institution and Anthony plans on keeping it that way.

Enter Vivi Robitaille. She’s arrived from France to follow her dream of running a little Bistro in the United States with her sister. The competition heats up in both kitchens as Vivi and Anthony try to outdo one another. But the competition takes a turn and the two chefs find themselves creating some heat outside the kitchen too.

Who doesn’t love food? The delicious meals and fine wines in this tale made my mouth water and brought realism to the story.

Anthony’s deep felt sorrow as he still mourned for his wife brought sensitivity to his strong and confident character and made him more accessible. His close-knit family brought charm and his brother, a retired hockey hero turned stay at home dad had me giggling.

Vivi’s unconventional sibling relationship was interesting to witness as it developed from shallow to supportive and full of unconditional love. Vivi’s ability to love her sister through anything was one of her greatest strengths and what made her such a wonderful match for Anthony.

Apparently there are other books featuring characters from the Dante family, but this is my first. I’m looking forward to reading more by Deirdre Martin to see what the Dante’s are up to!

Their chemistry was wonderful. It was fun to see them fight over whether a dessert contained butter or shortening, and make up afterwards. A lovely, charming read!


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