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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Key West Magic by Ciar Cullen

Julie Calloway is shocked to discover she’s inherited a beautiful historic inn in Key West from a grandmother she never really knew. Key West has much more to offer Julie if she’s willing to take the chance and leave her life in Baltimore behind.

Trent Light is the Irish bad boy with a tortured heart that Julie’s grandmother hired to rid the inn of some stubborn ghosts, but she didn’t live long enough for him to finish the task. A particularly head strong ghost can’t move on without Trent and Julie solving the mystery of her murder. Together.

Ciar Cullen does a great job creating a mysterious romance with paranormal elements that tantalize. The background of Key West comes alive and provides a steamy, enigmatic atmosphere for the ghosts to play in. Calloway House is just the sort of place I’d love to visit, whether Trent exercises all the boogies or not.

The sex scenes are palpable and provocative yet have a realistic point of reference for the fantasy to build upon. Julie and Trent have fantastic chemistry and their relationship is earned. It doesn’t come too easily. A story where the love interests have to work to be together is always so much more interesting.

Key West Magic is a lovely combination of copious characters, charming atmosphere and a well developed plot. A charming ghost story with a lot of heat.

Reviewed By: Terri



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Hey, thanks!!! You made my day :o)

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